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T e r e n c e M c K e n n a L a n d

Terence McKenna (1946—2000) has been studying the ontological foundations of Shamanism and the Ethnopharmacology of spiritual transformation for the past quarter century. An innovative theoretician and spellbinding orator, Terence has emerged as a powerful voice for the psychedelic movement and the emergent societal tendency he calls The Archaic Revival. Poetically dispensing enlightened social criticism and new theories of the fractal dynamics of time, Terence deobfuscates many aspects of the visionary lexicon, and then some. As Artist Alex Grey suggests, "In the twilight of human history, McKenna's prescription for salvation is just so crazy it might work."

Written Word
Spoken Word
Timewave Zero
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Rupert Sheldrake hosts many excellent realaudio streams including Trialogues at the Edge of the Millenium Part I and Part II led by Terence (1.5 hours each)

The Trip Receptacles : MP3 clips from all-psychedelic, all-entheogen radio, transmitted via KPFA in Berkeley with Stanislav Grof, Alexander (Sasha) Shulgin, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Albert Hoffman, Rick Strassman, Fritjof Capra, Andrew Weil, D.M. Turner and many others.

Several rare video clips at Global Webtrance.

Let Talk With Terence!

  Spoken Word Transcriptions

Transcription of Zuvuya's Dream Matrix Telemetry

Two chapters from the audio version of True Hallucinations not included in the printed book! Oversoul as Saucer and Open Ending.

Words from the Alien Dreamtime CD:
Archaic Revival, Alien Love, Speaking in Tongues and Timewave Zero.

Hyperspace, the Gaian supermind,
global rave telepathy, and more in

Ordinary Language, Visible Language, and Virtual Reality.

Excerpts from A Weekend with Terence McKenna
parts ONE and TWO.

The monstrously vast

The Non-Ordinary Conhibition Rhetoric of Terence McKenna

A fragment of the workshop Mind and Time,
Spirit and Matter which describes the
elven hyperspace experience and
The Tykes.


  Encounters with Terence

  Reviews: Good, Bad and Ugly

  T I M E W A V E   Z E R O

Timewave Zero Countdown


Terence McKenna's Mysterium Tremendum

Required Reading

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